Rough seas at the Aeolian Islands: Lipari ship sets sail, Milazzo ship does not

Bad weather has returned to the Aeolian Islands, making it difficult to travel to Sicily. The islands are experiencing strong winds from the north at 22 kilometers per hour, causing rough seas in Stromboli, Panarea, and Acquacalda. This has affected the hydrofoil services, with some routes suspended from Milazzo by Liberty Lines. However, a hydrofoil has departed from Lipari for the city of Messina. The ferry from Lipari to Milazzo did not depart as scheduled at 6:30 am. There are criticisms regarding the disrupted maritime connections, with hoteliers expressing frustration and calling for solutions. Despite the weather, the Aeolian Islands are currently reporting a mostly clear sky with a temperature of 21°C and a moderate north wind.

Mare mosso alle Eolie: la nave da Lipari parte, quella da Milazzo no

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