Rotary pays homage to the ITI Cannizzaro of Catania with four tablets

CATANIA – The Rotary Club Catania Sud, Rotary Club Catania Bellini and the Rotary Club Catania Est they donate four tablets to the students of the ITI Cannizzaro. In this period of pandemic and of distance learning Rotary interprets the need to provide all students with connection devices in order not to leave any student without tools that are indispensable for today’s school.

The official delivery of the tablets took place on March 30 at the ITI Cannizzaro to the Headmaster, Prof. Giuseppina Montella, by the Doctor Luigi Castorina is Nuccia Castorina of the Club Catania Sud, of theAttorney Gianfranco Todaro is Doctor Fabio Schilirò of the Catania Bellini Club, of Doctor Concept D’Antoni of the Rotary Club Catania Est. The first collaborator of the headmaster attended the ceremony Prof. Domenico Crudo.

The commitment of Rotary and the school is to deliver the devices to the most deserving students and to promote the study of students even during the pandemic, considering theinstruction and the training necessary for personal growth and a driving force for social development.

The tablets will be delivered to students in a subsequent ceremony, in compliance with the regulations to combat the spread of the pandemic, in the presence of representatives of the Rotarian clubs.

The Headmaster wanted to thank the Club Catania Sud, Bellini and Est for the sensitivity shown towards students and attention to the education of young people.

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