Rotary Club of Agrigento, dr. Salvatore Attanasio is the new president

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Passing of the Bell to the Rotary Club of Agrigento.
Salvatore Attanasio is the new president of the Rotary Club of Agrigento.
The ceremony of the “Passing of the Bell” of the Rotary Club of Agrigento for the year 2022/2023 took place on Saturday 2 July at the suggestive setting of the Dioscuri By Palace in Agrigento.
Past President Dr.
Salvatore Alaimo was replaced by Dr.
Salvatore Attanasio who will lead the service club for the social year 2022/2023.
The new board will be composed as follows:
President, Dr.
Salvatore Attanasio;
Secretary, Dr.
Alfonso Lo Zito;
Treasurer, Dr.
Giuseppe Advanced;
Prefect, Dr.
Tommaso Scribani.
The Prefect of the Club, dr.
Tommaso Scribani.
The Past President Dr.
Salvatore Alaimo, after having illustrated the numerous and profitable activities carried out during the social year 2021/2022 and awarded the awards to the members who have most distinguished themselves during the year, passed the collar to Dr.
Salvatore Attanasio who briefly illustrated his Rotary year program under the banner of the 2022/2023 presidential theme of the new President of Rotary International Jennifer E.
Jones “Imagine Rotary”, dream big and act.

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