Rossella Leone reveals her breakthrough audition in Palermo in “Vita d’attrice.”

“Vita d’attrice” is a one-woman-show performed by Rossella Leone in Sicily. The show portrays the journey of an actress as she auditions for the role of a lifetime with her favorite director. Through her performance, Leone showcases her skills in both dramatic and comedic situations, capturing the challenges faced by women in balancing work, family, and personal life. The play, directed by Giulia Galati, highlights the determination and commitment of women, leading them to unexpected outcomes. Leone has previously appeared in films and TV series, and her portrayal in “Vita d’attrice” resonates with the audience by reflecting relatable situations and providing laughter. The show will conclude on September 2nd at the Agricantus Theater in Palermo.

Il provino della svolta: lo racconta Rossella Leone a Palermo in «Vita d’attrice»

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