Rosario Livatino is blessed. An important contribution to the cause came from Ragusa

The Diocese of Ragusa celebrates the beatification of Judge Rosario Livatino with a large insert from the monthly Together released today. It hosts services and analyzes by Mario Cascone, Marilisa Della Monica, Corrado Greco, Saro Distefano, Simone Lo Presti. Inside there is also an interview by Alessandro Bongiorno with Monsignor Carmelo Ferraro, archbishop emeritus of Agrigento, a native of Santa Croce Camerina, who was probably the first to realize the sanctity of Judge Livatino. Monsignor Ferraro reconstructs that bloody Mafia war and remembers the words, now prophetic, pronounced on the day of the solemn funeral. It was Monsignor Ferraro himself who gave the task of collecting the written testimonies to give life to the cause of beatification.

In his memories also the judge’s request for a Crucifix for his office in court and, above all, the meeting between the parents of Judge Livatino and the family of Judge Saetta shortly before John Paul II gave the famous speech in the Valley of the Temples. There is no lack of references to current events with the scandals that risk overwhelming justice (“Such a well-thought-out system is a problem. And then it is necessary to refer to those who, just like Judge Livatino, have exercised this profession with style and profound preparation, demonstrating that even the most thorny legal events can find a particular reading in the light of the Second Vatican Council “) and with the ceremony scheduled for Sunday in Agrigento:” Judge Livatino will know the present world and what will come. Over the centuries it will be known and will shine like a star ยป.

In his editorial, the director Don Mario Cascone compares Rosario Livatino to Don Pino Puglisi and to all martyrs killed by the Mafia who have testified, even at the cost of their lives, to civil commitment and the struggle for justice and legality. They reflect being Church, living Christianity in the face of the mafia. A daily, silent commitment, enlightened by faith, which leads to the sowing of love and legality in a land parched by hatred, corruption and malfeasance. “To the so-called “men of honor”, who think they rise above others with the logic of strength and oppression, the Christian prefers “men of love”, who – writes Don Mario Cascone – spend their lives every day for good of the brothers and sow peace where violence reigns, justice where lawlessness predominates, service where only arrogance and selfishness exist, gratuitousness where the only criterion of presumed happiness is money “.

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