Roll-Ulysses, yet another delay, other than lane by summer …

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Time is still wasted to conclude the “construction site-joke”.
The Director of Public Works explains: “The interventions have stopped due to a hitch due to the conflict in Ukraine”

CATANIA – Sliding roads, we still have to wait.
To see the first lane of the large riser open that it should connect piazza Europa with the Catania ring road and, once completed, freeing the Lungomare from vehicular traffic, it will be necessary to wait a few more months.
The construction site of the first batch of Roll-Ulyssesin fact, it was blocked for a few months due to the difficulties in procuring materials resulting in the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine.
But it will start again shortly.
A matter of days, explains the director of Public Works of the Municipality of Catania, Salvatore Marra.

“The works for the construction of the road network, in particular of the Ognina Rotolo Lot, will resume within a few hours – says Marra.
The appraisal for the completion of the West lane has just arrived – he continues – and this means that, between today and tomorrow, we will sign the deed for the resumption of the construction site“.

It will take a few more months

Marra explains how it will take a few more months to open the West lane which will finally connect Via del Rotolo with the Catania ring road.
The stretch of road should have been completed by the summer, but a long interruption has postponed the deadline.
“The works stopped because there was a hitch due to the conflict in Ukraine and the difficulties in procuring the material for the construction of the seismic isolators – continues Marra -.
These, however, should come in moments.
At that point, by contract, the company has time to finish the work by 2022 ”.

Additional sums are required for completion

Almost six months, even if Marra stresses the existence of an agreement with the company to make sure that the aisle is opened sooner.
At least one, since, for the completion of the lot it will be necessary to find other sums.
We are slowing down due to the rising cost of materials – he says – so, for the second part of the construction site, we need to find additional resources.
I am in close contact with my colleague from EU policies, to try to find the funding to build the second part of the road as well ”.

For the Europa-Rotolo lot, Marra confirms that the investigation has been authorized on the land that will be expropriated, “a preparatory part – he explains again – for the realization of the project.
Unfortunately – concludes the director – we are understaffed and therefore times have lengthened ”.

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