Rocambolesca escape with the bike to escape Cc: pusher arrested


Catania – The Carabinieri of the Operational Unit of the Compagnia di Catania Piazza Dante arrested the 22-year-old from Catania, Nicola Sparti, for the possession of narcotic drugs. The young man had been identified thanks to his easily recognizable cross bike, which he used to reach what had become his "shop area". Yesterday evening the military, confident that Sparti would show up at "work", stationed themselves, as they had already done for some days, in via Del Parco, in Tremestieri Etneo, waiting for their target. Waiting that was not long since the man, immediately after their arrival, had already made his first transfer to a customer who was patiently waiting for him.

The military, who jumped out of their observation point, tried to block the young man who, at their sight, got into the saddle of his motorbike fleeing at full speed through the streets of the park and among the people sitting on the benches. His escape lasted about a hundred meters: the military chased him on foot until the fugitive crashed into a bench, causing bruises on his face and hands.

The military, after having ascertained his physical condition and having proposed a medical checkup, which the young man refused, found 22 doses of marijuana on him, already packaged for sale to the individual buyer. The arrested was placed under house arrest.

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