Roberto Lipari watches Palermo on Striscia La Notizia: “Palermo never abandons us”

Roberto Lipari didn’t want to miss a single game of Palermo, so yesterday afternoon, while waiting for the recording of the episode of Striscia La Notizia, the host decided to watch the match that the team played at Renzo Barbera against Brescia with his phone hidden behind a knight. The comedian then posted the photo on Instagram, writing: “Palermo is never abandoned”, an act of love towards a team that has had disappointing results, but yesterday evening won 1-0, thanks to Mamadou Coulibaly’s goal in the first half. The match, a recovery of the second day of Serie B, started at an unusual time, at 6:30 pm, and this, combined with the team’s recent negative results, did not favor the presence of fans in the stands. For the Palermo-Brescia match, there were 16,914 spectators in the stands, the lowest number so far this season.

«Il Palermo non si abbandona mai», Roberto Lipari guarda i rosanero durante Striscia La Notizia

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