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  • The artistic review opens at the Florio Stand in Palermo
  • Films and books for the restart entrusted to the Piano Focale Film School
  • The first appointment on July 8 with Roberto Lipari

Not just projections, not just actors or directors: cinema returns to the Florio Stand but with a more articulated review, declined on the infinite professions linked to the Seventh Art. Also entrusted to the Focal Piano Film School for this new adventure, the bill unfolds on films and blockbusters, thanks to the darlings of the spectators, but also on meetings with screenwriters, directors, editors. In short, a large 360-degree screen, from A to Z, from those who make the cinema, to those who produce it, to those who love it, simply.

The first date on July 8th

It starts next Thursday (8 July) at 9 pm with “From the written word to the image” screening of “Tuttapposto”, the comedy that marked Roberto Lipari’s debut two years ago; The guest of the evening was the Palermo comedian who was able to tell the University in an ironic and kind way, screenwriter alongside his colleagues Ignazio Rosato, Paolo Pintacuda and Roberto Anelli, and Maurizio Bologna, who plays the unbearable professor Mancuso in the film.

The Focal Plane School

Everything stems from the Piano Focale School, a real workshop on the professions of cinema, in which names such as the director of photography Daniele Ciprì and the actor Alessio Vassallo, the screenwriter Paolo Pintacuda, the editor Desideria Rainer, the director Aurelio Grimaldi collaborate: among the protagonists of these pill lessons on the languages ​​of cinema that will precede the films and presentations.

“The one hundred Steps”

On Tuesday 13 July at 9 pm, a much loved film like “The Hundred Steps”, shot in 2000 by Marco Tullio Giordana on the murder of Peppino Impastato, will be recovered. The granddaughter of the Radio Aut activist, Luisa, will talk about it; Paolo Briguglia who played Peppino’s brother Giovanni in the film; the magistrate Leonardo Agueci; Claudio Fava who signed the screenplay with the director and Monica Zapelli; Paolo Pintacuda.

Guest Marco Risi

Tuesday 20 at 21, the first of two books, very different from each other, but both dedicated to the world of cinema: between film clips and memories, Marco Risi will talk about his father Dino – to whom he dedicated “Strong rapid breath” (Mondadori) – with the journalist Ornella Sgroi and the screenwriter Paolo Pintacuda. Can one be a child and feel the father also as a teacher? It goes without saying that the story ends up turning on the lights in the room. Cinema is back. Great cinema is back. The relationships, the fulminating, boorish and dazzling jokes, the friendships, the conversations, Mastroianni, Fellini, and the women, many women, legendary, an obsessive eros that unfolds throughout the narrative reconnaissance like a light, like a magic, even threatening …

Space for Ficarra and Picone

The next day (Wednesday 21 July at 9 pm) Ornella Sgroi herself will talk about the volume she dedicated to Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, a real journey into the cinema of the two comedians between interviews, anecdotes and curiosities. “It’s the couple that makes the total” (HarperCollins) starts from “Born tired”, the first film by Ficarra & Picone and arrives at “Il primo Natale” which will be screened after the presentation. “Making movies was a dream. At the beginning of our career, however, it was something so unattainable that we didn’t even dare to think about it. We were doing our cabaret around Italy and we were already happy with it. But, in retrospect, it is precisely at that juncture that the nucleus of “Tired born” was born. The journalist from Catania will talk about her work with Paolo Pintacuda and Daniele Ciprì; they promised that the two comedians will try to be there too.

The short film “The Grim Reaper”

The last appointment in July will be Tuesday 27 with a real immersion in the Focal Piano Film School: the short film “Il tristo Mietitore” that Daniele Ciprì built with the students will be screened, the first of a series of 23 short films shot, one a week. , during the lockdown. The students of the School – ranging from 16 to 80 years old – have put together a crew and taken care of every step, from the storyboard to the script, from the choice of locations to the performers, direction, screenplay, photography and editing, with the support of the Sicily Film Commission .

The “BioDissolvenze” exhibition

At the Florio Stand, a true Contemporary Hub, Giacomo Failla’s solo show, “BioDissolvenze”, curated by Giacomo Fanale and in collaboration with La Week of Cultures, is running until Tuesday 20 July. A delicate and light research that lends its side to deliberately simple shapes, crushing the eye to design.
The Florio Stand guarantees the social distancing measures provided for by national and regional decrees. All safety provisions have been applied and will be maintained.


8 July at 9 pm “Tuttapposto”
13 July at 9 pm “The hundred steps”
July 20, 9 pm “Strong rapid breath”, book by Marco Risi
21 July at 9 pm “The first Christmas”
July 27 at 9 pm “The grim reaper” by Daniele Ciprì

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