Robbers unleashed, shots in a pub in Termini and in a betting room in Palermo

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Two robberies were carried out at dawn in Termini Imerese and in a betting center in Palermo.

In Termini Imerese, at five o’clock this morning, two young men armed with guns threatened the owners of the Shiagùe pub and had the proceeds delivered.
The investigations are conducted by the carabinieri who are acquiring the images of the video surveillance systems of the room and the area to trace the perpetrators.
The pub is located in the Belvedere area and is one of the haunts of the finished nightlife.

The other robbery at the Goldbet betting room in via Vaccarini, in the city.
A man with his face covered and armed threatened the employee by having the proceeds of around 4 thousand euros delivered.
The woman called the single emergency number and the carabinieri intervened and acquired the images of the video surveillance systems.

Sledgehammer hits against a shop window in Partinico

Attempted thefts in Partinico.
The thieves with a bat tried to break the window of the Extyn clothing store in corso dei Mille in the historic center.
The very thick glass was only damaged.
Investigations are conducted by police officers.
The holes found in the window at first hinted at the possibility that gunshots had been fired.
The hypothesis, however, was discarded after the surveys made on the spot, no trace of gunpowder was found.


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