Roads devastated by bad weather, the roadmen do not stop: here are the features reopened


Mud, debris and devastated roads: bad weather caused several damages. To have the worst, as often happens, are the internal roads of the Agrigento area. The road system is almost on its knees, with operators working for several hours.

The respite granted by the bad weather has been allowing some hours to intervene on the internal roads to remove the enormous quantities of mud and debris carried by heavy rain on the roadways. This morning the 17-B Siculiana-Raffadali provincial road was reopened to the transit, after the umpteenth closing yesterday at km 0 + 100, but the technicians of the Libero Consorzio “invite motorists to be very careful because of the asphalt made slippery by mud and the continuous lamination of water from adjacent lands, a situation common to other tracks ".

After hours of work the section of the provincial road n. 15-B between Caves and Racalmuto. Only yesterday there was a collapse of a retaining wall with dumpings of abundant material on the roadway. Traffic has also been diverted to SP n. 26-B in the town of San Giovanni Gemini, where the rain caused the sewerage to break, pending the intervention of Girgenti Acque technicians. Checks on SPR n. 24 Agrigento-Cattolica, forbidden to transit since yesterday morning as it is literally invaded by mud, coming from private land.

For the whole day today roadmen and companies that manage road maintenance will carry out interventions to eliminate or minimize the danger situations on all the roads invaded by mud and debris, particularly in the east and central-north sectors, the most affected by the bad weather (interventions of a certain consistency have been underway since yesterday on the SP n. 7, 10, 11, 12, 26, 55, 62, 63). "Of course – according to Libero Consorzio – the invitation to be prudent continues along all the provincial, ex-consortium and ex-regional roads, strictly respecting the speed limits indicated along the routes".

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