Road Rage: Motorist Assaults Young Bus Driver in Traffic, Messina

Yesterday evening (August 16), an ATM bus driver in Messina was attacked while on duty in the Gesso area during a Ferragosto event. The attack was sparked by a car improperly parked, causing a traffic jam. The driver of the car, unable to pass the ATM bus, verbally and physically assaulted the young driver. The municipal police intervened and reviewed the onboard cameras to identify the attacker. The president of ATM Messina expressed his solidarity with the victim and stated that the incident was recorded on the bus’s surveillance system. The mayor of Messina also condemned the attack and expressed his support for the driver. The secretary of the Uil transport union highlighted the need for increased security measures to protect bus drivers, particularly during events and gatherings.

Messina, automobilista bloccato nel traffico aggredisce il giovane conducente di un bus

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