Road accident in Gela: Waste collector loses life on Ferragosto night.

A 38-year-old waste collection worker named Luigi Russello died instantly after his motorcycle crashed into a car in Gela. The accident occurred at around 3.30 am near a roundabout in Via Licata. Russello was hit by the vehicle while riding his scooter, causing him to be thrown several meters before falling onto the road. Despite the intervention of emergency responders, they could only confirm his death. The driver of the car was unharmed. The municipal police seized both vehicles and conducted investigations to determine the exact cause of the accident. Another incident occurred in Gela yesterday, where a car overturned after colliding with another vehicle near the cemetery. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries in that case.

Incidente stradale a Gela: addetto alla raccolta rifiuti perde la vita nella notte di Ferragosto

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