Rita Barbera: “Palermo does not deserve cultural decline”

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PALERMO – “It is not enough to accord the word culture in the plural to obtain positive results.
The situation of the Palermo theaters does not honor our city which has always been the cradle of cultural expressions and movements of international significance ”.
The candidate for mayor of Palermo, Rita Barbera, says so.

“The cut that today brings Palermo theaters to their knees highlights – he adds – the inability to plan and the lack of interest of the municipal administration for one of the primary ‘common goods’ of our city, culture.
It is also forgotten that behind the workers who work in the two main public theaters there are families who have not received income for months, as in the case of Biondo, and on whose future hangs a heavy sword of Damocles for 2022 ”.

“What was the legacy of ‘Manifesta 12’ following the nearly four million euros spent by the municipal administration? In fact, the great events – continues Rita Barbera – have been of no use because they have not been associated with any programming nor far-sightedness and vision of the importance of the city’s theaters as happened for the Nuovo Montevergini closed to the public for years now, the Garibaldi Theater on which a blanket of absolute silence has fallen that must be removed as soon as possible and for the private ones who carry out a serious approach to the theater for everyone.
We also remind you that both the Massimo Theater and the Biondo Theater are, in addition to being a fundamental point of cultural aggregation, a destination for tourists from all over the world.
Culture, like the rest, cannot be managed with the dramatic logic of the emergency which, unfortunately, characterized the last years of the administration of our city ”.

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