#Risparmialacqua, over a thousand participants in the final stage of Syracuse

Final stage in Syracuse, in Piazza Sgarlata, with over a thousand participants among students and citizens, of the information, education and awareness campaign #Risparmialacqua, wanted by the Sicilian Region on the conscious use of water resources. Success for the “truck” in the city of Archimedes, with the use of VR technology and touch screens to get all the information on saving water with themed games. The campaign started from Palermo last October 13, passing through Catania, Messina, Ragusa, Enna, Caltanissetta, Agrigento and Trapani: in the main squares of the Sicilian cities a total of about 15 thousand students and citizens were involved.

«It is a bit difficult – says Professor Angela Auricchia, of the Costanzo Institute in Syracuse – to teach middle school children to save water, even more so if they are older, who come from primary school and have yet to metabolise certain concepts. Every day, when our students use the services, we recommend making small gestures, starting with turning off the taps and fountains. We do activities in schools such as drawings, videos, but a campaign like this can help».

«If there is no water, it will also be our fault. Let’s not waste it», is the promotional slogan created for the massive campaign of the #Risparmialacqua project, launched by the Sicilian Region’s water and waste department and co-financed by the European Union with Po Fesr 2014/2020 funds, in line with the European and national strategies 2014-2020 for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, has the objective of spreading responsible water consumption, creating processes to improve consultation, the conscious participation of citizens-users and dialogue with the public, in order to reduce the distance between institutions and citizens. But the aim is also to encourage a strong process of change in lifestyles and current patterns of consumption and behavior, identified as the primary cause of the damage caused to the environment.

«Even in Syracuse, as in the other Sicilian cities, the campaign was successful. Almost always – says Sabrina Gaeta, contact person for the organization of the events relating to the project – we have been sold out with full bookings from school groups, to whom we had to open the doors even before the start of the activities, and so much interest from part of young people, who are more sensitive and receptive to this model of campaigns linked to civic and environmental education to protect a precious resource such as water. #Risparmialacqua was created to promote intelligent consumption, which contributes to the fight against waste, and to raise awareness among students, citizens of tomorrow, so that they can look ahead in terms of water and environmental policies. I am convinced that initiatives such as these should be repeated in the interest of the community and of civic conscience”.

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