Risk of drowning in Marina di Ragusa, 4 people saved

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09 Jul 2022 16:27

Four people risked drowning in Marina di Ragusa, precisely in the stretch of water in front of the Baia del Sole.

Because of the rough sea, in fact, a 10-year-old girl with her grandmother and two adults, all tourists, were unable to return to shore.
Thanks to the intervention of two water polo players from Polisportiva Erea, who were there as lifeguards, people were rescued.

The incident occurred yesterday morning, around 12 o’clock.
The first to jump into the water was Stefano Cassarino.
Immediately afterwards, the support of another water polo player and technician from Polisportiva Erea, Sergio Avellino, arrived.
Both, without existence and with some difficulty due to the waves, managed to bring the swimmers ashore.
Fortunately, for them, just so much fear.

This time it went well, the readiness and courage of the lifeguards avoided the worst, but there is something we want to underline: because, for about two or three years, the lifeguards of the various positions in Marina di Ragusa have no longer given the radio that puts them in direct contact with the Civil Protection?

The service, in fact, has this shortcoming: before, in fact, the lifeguards had the radio in order to be able to communicate promptly with the civil protection that can immediately provide technical support, such as rubber boats and life jackets.
Now, this very important tool is no longer supplied.
A lack that seems important to us to underline because in situations like these it can be really decisive for saving lives.

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