Rising alarm as thefts of Fiat 500s increase from Palermo city center to Sferracavallo

The Fiat Cinquecento has become one of the most stolen cars in Italy, along with the Fiat Panda and SUVs. In recent weeks, there has been a sharp increase in thefts of Cinquecento cars in Palermo and its province, often targeting tourists or Sicilians on holiday. The latest case occurred in Sferracavallo, where the owner shared a photo of his stolen white car on social media, asking for help in locating it. This is just one of many desperate pleas from victims of car thieves who have been active throughout the summer. In mid-August, the police discovered a garage filled with stolen vehicles, including a Cinquecento belonging to an Austrian tourist. The theft occurred while she was ordering a takeout pizza in Borgo Vecchio. The criminals have also targeted Altavilla, Aspra, near the Civico hospital, and Bagheria. The surge in thefts, particularly towards the end of August, has heightened concerns. Car owners are expressing their frustration and disgust on social media. In addition to auto thefts, stolen car radios are also a growing concern in Palermo, reminiscent of a trend from twenty years ago. Recently, a 26-year-old with a criminal record was caught in the act of smashing the rear window of a parked vehicle near the Mediterranean Trade Fair, once again highlighting the ongoing issue of car-related crimes in the city.

Dal centro di Palermo a Sferracavallo: scia di furti di Fiat Cinquecento, cresce l’allarme

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