Rincari, Catania in first place in Italy for price increases the ranking

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Price increases, the National Consumers Union has drawn up the ranking of the cities with the greatest price increase: first place for Catania with regard to food spending.

Yet price increases for electricity and raw materials: the war in Ukraine continues to raise prices and in the meantime the National Consumers Union has drawn up a list which includes the cities with the greatest increases derived from ISTAT data for the month of May.

Price increases: grocery shopping

On the front of the expenditure of food in the first place Catania with an increase of + 11.1%, therefore 643 euros more than an average family will have to spend.
The Etna capital is followed by Imperia (+ 11% and an annual increase of 589 euros) and from Sassari (+ 10%).

Below we have:

Palermo (+ 9.9%);
Teramo (+ 9.6%);
Cosenza (+ 9.5%);
Ascoli Piceno (+ 9.3%);
TrentoGoriziaPescara and Messina (9.2%).

The cities where the price increases are less felt for food spending are Milan (4.7% increase), Mantua (5%) e Como (5.2%).

Energy price increases

With regard to the rise in energy prices (electricity, gas and other fuels), both the protected and free markets, diesel oil for heating and solid fuels, the threshold of doubling has been reached.
In first place appears the city of Bolzano with an increase in expenditure on electricity and gari of + 112.9% compared to May 2021.
Also a Trento there was a double increase (+ 109.2%).

TO Praise there was a slight increase of + 79.8%, as in the remaining cities of the Lombardy as an indicator of more speculation in this region than elsewhere.

Milan (+ 78.2%);
Varese (+ 78.1%);
Cremona (+ 77.4%);
Lecco in seventh place (+ 76.8%);
Bergamo (+ 76.6%);
Brescia and Mantua (both at + 76.5%);
Pavia (+ 76.4%);
Como (+ 76.2%).

The cities with the least disadvantages turn out to be Sassari(+ 51.6%), Reggio Calabria(+ 52.1%), Cagliari and Naples (+ 53.2% for both).

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