Rifle Fund, the truth about the latest demolitions

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photo courtesy of Enrico Di Giacomo

by Michele Bruno – Yes, it’s true.
The long history of the Fondo Fucile slums is coming to an end.
The demolitions of the last houses took place in recent weeks.
The roofs were freed from the asbestos slabs and the demolition of the perimeter walls was carried out.
All that remains is to clear the area by now cleared of the remaining rubble, of the asbestos collected in packaging, and of piled up wood and earth, the result of the works, which should be finished this summer, hopefully.

Credit should be given to the Prefect Cosima di Stani and to the subsidiary Arisme, chaired by Marcello Scurria, respectively mind and executive arm of the project, to be moving forward towards the end of this chapter of the history of the Messina slums.

However, in general, there is still a long way to go to get rid of those still standing in other areas of the city.

packaging with asbestos inside, photo courtesy of Enrico Di Giacomo

The moment in which there was an acceleration for Fondo Fucile is certainly during the administration of Renato Accorinti, when, with the signature of the Capacity project supported by the Community Foundation of Gaetano Giunta, A total of 20 million have been allocated to overcome the deterioration situation, 18 by the state and 2 by the Foundation itself.
The project envisaged not only the clearing, but also the empowerment of the inhabitants, through self-construction, the low-cost purchase of new homes without resorting to new overbuilding, and the absence of crimes committed by joining the project for the inhabitants.
Finally, the creation of an urban park in the cleared places.

The urban park will be built anyway, but, together with buildings used as housing for the inhabitants, based on the more than 100 million projects presented by the municipal and metropolitan administration De Luca, which were selected in the Pnrr calls for the “quality of the abitare ”(the risk of repeating degrading constructions similar to the Vele di Scampia, the so-called towers, has been spoken about several times during the electoral campaign of the Civic Coalition, but we have also talked about it).

Much of the housing and demolition already carried out for the Rifle Fund, however, derives from Capacity funds.
For the remainder, we relied on funds recovered through the regional law n.10 of 1990 and the remodeling of the Masterplan (also arrived during the Accorintian period, with the then Renzi government).

The Prefect and Arisme used all available and existing funds to achieve the goal.
Still nothing from the over 100 million of the NRP.

photo courtesy of Enrico Di Giacomo

It should be remembered that the Prefect is the Extraordinary Commissioner for Disembarkation, thanks to a Covid Decree signed by Mara Carfagna, which attributes the so-called “special powers” to Di Stani.

Currently, the competence does not lie with the municipal administration, as the Mayor also reminds us today Federico Basile at Palazzo Zanca.
However, the De Luca administration gave the availability to use the ad hoc investee company as an operational tool and chaired by Scurria.

Also the funds that the Covid Decree allocates for the landing in Messina, a provision strongly desired by the deputies Francesco D’Uva, Pietro Navarra And Matilde Siracusano, strongly fought for this, however, they have not yet been used.
However, they may be useful for the last part of the process that will lead to the elimination of the barracks in Messina.

In any case, the clearing as a whole is not finished, there are still houses to be demolished in some areas of the city.
In these 4 years houses equal to about 15% of the needs have been given and of this quantity the tools put in place by the De Luca Administration have had an impact only minimally, even if certainly Arisme had an important operational role.

In addition to the provenance of the most used funds and the process begun with the Accorinti Council, as already explained, the important contribution of IACP, which provided many houses for the new home, must also be considered.

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