Ribera, work in progress in via Fani: housing ready in the autumn


«The works are concentrated at the moment in the construction of the foundations. The technicians have informed me that everything is going well and that, in the context of the current phase, there has also been a verification with a positive outcome by the Civil Engineer ". This was stated by Gioacchino Pontillo, commissioner of the Autonomous Institute of Popular Houses of Ribera, who underlines "the firm will on everyone's part to respect contractual times".

In the autumn of this year, therefore, the 60 accommodations are expected to be completed, but the IACP is also working on another aspect, the regularization of the position of some assignees and owners for whom the transfer is underway. "Some of them must also pay sums to the institute and they have already been summoned – says Pontillo – but we proceed with the utmost collaboration, with the possibility of a deferred payment and this problem will also be solved".

The go-ahead for the resumption of works in Largo Martiri in via Fani arrived in December last year after the Civil Engineer of Agrigento removed the prescription that he had given in May regarding the foundation land. In the first geological report marine terraces were foreseen as the foundation soil, while later the more superficial soils. To do this, the Civil Engineer had to receive the request and therefore the documentation on the basis of which he then removed the prescription. The demolition phase was not worked on for a couple of months at the construction site. In December, the reconstruction of the 60 public housing units was started, which will have the same size as the previous ones, those built in the seventies with weakened concrete and vacated in 2012.

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