Revolt in Trapani prison, preliminary hearing before the investigating judge for 39 prisoners

Preliminary hearing on Monday morning before the Gup of Trapani for the 39 prisoners for whom the Prosecutor’s Office of the capital has requested indictment. They are under investigation for the crimes of devastation and looting and for resisting a public official. The facts are linked to the revolt that broke out on 10 March 2020 inside the “Pietro Cerulli” prison in Trapani. Of the 39 suspects, two are untraceable while sixteen are those who have since returned free. The investigations were carried out by the Mobile Squad, the central investigative unit of the Penitentiary Police and coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Francesca Urbani, who, together with the deputy prosecutor Maurizio Agnello, signed the request for indictment.

The suspects, on the other hand, are the Palermitans Vincenzo Alaimo, Grancesco Paolo Avvenimenti, Gioacchino Buscetta, Giuseppe Caccamo, Domenico Cintura, Francesco Lo Coco, Pietro Mazzara, Giuseppe Rizzuto. The people of Trapani, Alberto Cangemi, Roberto Cordaro, Antonino Di Salvo, Luca Fiorino, Andrea Guarnotta, Sergio Manzo. The people of Catania, Orazio Bonfiglio, Vincenzo Di Mauro, Alfio Cristian Licciardello, Marcello Mercurio, Ottavio Roberto Questorino, Maurizio Trapani, Alfio Valvo, Sebastiano Zappalà. The Mazaresi, Emir Ben Thameur, Alessio D’Agostino, Damiano Guccione, Ramzi Njim, Vincenzo Piazzese. And again: Gaspare Di Benedetto (Partinico), Salvatore Di Paola and Umberto Rizzitano (Messina); Angelo Maltese, Paolo Pace from Marsala, and also Daniele Sabani and Leonardo Saluzzo (Castelvetrano), Erica Spadafora (Bergamo). Finally the Tunisians Amri Abuda, Achref Kamoun, the Egyptian, Kirolos Samir and the Moroccan Zakaria Tiouk.

The revolt against the “Pietro Cerulli” is linked to the restrictions imposed in the most virulent period of the Covid19. The inmates of Trapani, as was happening in other penitentiary facilities on the peninsula, did not like some prohibitions starting from the granting of premium permits, to interviews with family members. That March 10, 2020, was an afternoon of ordinary madness. A group of inmates managed to reach the roof of the Pietro Cerulli while inside, other inmates devastated the “Mediterranean” pavilion intended for common inmates, causing enormous damage. During the revolt some prison police officers were injured, and seven of them, together with the prison management, were identified by the Public Prosecutor’s Office as the offended parties. The revolt ended only late in the evening. For hours, however, the Trapani prison structure was at the mercy of the rioters and surrounded by a large array of law enforcement agencies. A helicopter from above monitored the situation for hours to avoid any escape.

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