Reviving Palermo’s south coast: Sperone, Bandita, and Oreto rivers – the city’s rejuvenation plan.

The “southern race,” as defined by Councilor Maurizio Carta, is reaching its final rush. Only the opinion of the Technical Scientific Committee is missing, and the 4 redevelopment projects for the southern coast of Palermo can be sent out for bidding. The projects include the Sperone seaside park, Bandita promenade, Oreto River mouth, and Libero Grassi park, with a total value of 70 million euros. 60 million euros come directly from the Pnrr funds, while the remaining funds are provided by the Region, particularly from the Por Fesr funds. The Zes (Special Economic Zone), led by Carlo Amenta, will act as the contracting entity, allowing them to exercise their supervisory powers. The return to life of the coast, which has been abandoned for decades, seems to be getting closer. Some beachgoers remember the beach as a paradise in the past but are now disappointed with the garbage and neglect. However, others have noticed some improvements in recent years, including a cleaner beach and the prohibition of campsites. There are still vandals who leave trash despite the presence of nearby bins. Residents and tourists hope that the intention to revitalize the area is serious this time and that the situation continues to improve. Some even discover the beauty of Romagnolo upon returning to their hometown for vacations and express a desire for better maintenance and more services. Councilor Mineo reassures that they are reaching the final step in the process, which started from scratch 12 months ago. The Zes, designated as a connecting tool by Mayor Roberto Lagalla, will also have a positive effect on the industrial area. The work of Vice Mayor Carolina Varchi in maintaining relationships at the ministerial level has been crucial. They are now waiting for the opinion of the Technical Scientific Committee before proceeding with the bidding process.

Sperone, Bandita, fiume Oreto: così il Comune vuol far rinascere la costa sud di Palermo

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