Review of big names at the Ancient Music Festival of Gratteri

Ancient music and the sounds of the Mediterranean, this will be the leitmotif of the 16th edition of the Ancient Music Festival of Gratteri, organized by the MusicaMente association of Palermo, with the contribution of the Municipality of Gratteri, Mibact and the Cultural Heritage Department of the Sicilian Region. The Festival, which will take place from 30 August to 4 September in the ancient Madonite village, is divided into four concerts, all scheduled at 9 pm, in Piazza Monumento.

“Man has always expressed himself through the language of art, with its various forms of representation and does so to enhance the places where he lives, to affirm his identity and his cultural connotations – explains Cinzia Guarino, president of the MusicaMente association of Palermo – the XVI edition of the Gratteri Festival wants to give space to the identities of our places, in a harmonious blend that is a metaphor for cultural integration, in the perspective in which only through knowledge and respect for different cultures can truly build a meeting point and an atmosphere of peace and solidarity between peoples. This edition is very special for us both because it falls on the twentieth anniversary of the birth of our birth, and because this year we have reached the important milestone of admission to the FUS contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage ”.

“Also this year the Gratteri Festival aims to combine quality music and promotion of the territory, and in particular of Gratteri, a small and precious village in the Madonie Park – explains Paolo Rigano, artistic director of the Festival – this year we will listen to artists from from various parts of Italy and Europe. The leitmotif of this edition is multiculturalism to which the concert on September 3rd will be entirely dedicated. In addition, on September 4th the disc ‘Corrispondenze’ will be presented, just published and distributed on the main digital platforms by the Tactus record label. During the Festival, Gratteri will also be the film set for the video clip for the presentation of the Corrispondenze album “.

An edition that will open on August 30 with the Orfeo Futuro ensemble, with a concert entitled “Sonatas, arias and other bizarre”, inspired by the music of dance parties in the period between the ‘600 and’ 700. Musicians from various Italian cities make up the ensemble. Carmela Osato (soprano), Raffaele Tiseo (baroque violin), Federico Maria Valerio (baroque violin), Gioacchino De Padova (viola da gamba), Ugo Di Giovanni (archlute), Pierfrancesco Borrelli (harpsichord).

On September 2, instead, it will be the turn of the duo, from Spain, formed by Eva Febrer on the violin and Tomeu Seguin on the harpsichord.

On 3 September the Arianna Art Ensemble will present her new project entitled “Voci del Mediterraneo. It is sweet for me to be shipwrecked in this sea ”, which will see the collaboration of the multi-instrumentalist Mario Crispi, founder musician of Agricantus, on ethnic flutes and of the singer Debora Troìa. It is a project that revolves around popular music typical of the countries kissed by the Mediterranean: from the ancient songs of the Sicilian tradition, to those of Spain, Israel, Greece, Puglia, Basilicata and Albania.

Paolo Rigano will be on baroque guitar, Silvio Natoli on colascione, Bouzouki and oud, Cinzia Guarino on harpsichord and Giuseppe Valguarnera on percussion.

The festival will end on September 4 with the presentation of “Corrispondenze”, the new project of the founding duo of the Arianna Art Ensemble, composed of Paolo Rigano (baroque guitar and archlute) and Cinzia Guarino (harpsichord).

“Corrispondenze” features original pieces for guitar, archlute or harpsichord, performed in duo, with the guitar or archlute that dialogue with the harpsichord on music from the Italian and Spanish repertoire of the period between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: from Boccherini to Piccinini, Scarlatti De Murcia, Sanz and many others. An intertwining of the sounds of the guitar and the archlute that blend with the harpsichord, which also metaphorically represents the intertwining of two cultures, the Italian and the Spanish, which have always been in constant dialogue and harmony. The name of the project is inspired by a composition of the same name by Paolo Rigano, composed especially for the occasion. “Corrispondenze” is also contained within the new record work of the duo just released for the Tactus label.

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