Retired man shot dead in his country house, trial shortened for two defendants

Shortened judgment for two of the alleged perpetrators of the murder of the pensioner from Raffadali, Pasquale Mangione, killed ten years ago with two pistol shots to the shoulder and back and repeated blows to the head with the butt of the same weapon.

The alternative rite was requested by the lawyers Valentina Tranchina, Salvatore Pennica and Teresa Alba Raguccia, defenders of two defendants, namely Antonino Mangione, 40, the collaborator who told the details, background and individual roles in the execution of the crime and Angelo D ‘ Antona, 36, both from Raffadali. The third accused – Roberto Lampasona, 44, from Santa Elisabetta, believed to be linked to the mafia but always acquitted in organized crime investigations – for an error related to the notifications of the proceedings, not formalized in time to the defenders, the lawyers Antonino Gaziano and Salvatore Manganello , in the next few days he will be released from prison due to the expiry of the terms. The accused, however, will remain in prison to serve a sentence for a previous legal case in the field of drugs. The prosecutor Sara Varazi seems to have put aside the track linked to the harassment that would have been committed by the victim so much so that one of the children, initially accused of having been the principal, does not appear among the defendants. Gup Stefano Zammuto has set the indictment for November 30th. Just in recent weeks, before the investigating judge Luisa Turco who had signed the precautionary orders in prison last September, the probative incident was celebrated in which Mangione, albeit with some uncertainty, substantially confirmed the accusations. At first he said that the murder had been paid for with 10,000 euros to be divided into three. Finally he had corrected the shot by saying that the crime had been commissioned with 5,000 euros in addition to the 1,300 euros received separately for the weapon. The murder took place in the Modaccamo district, a country road between Raffadali and Cianciana on 2 December 2011. Antonino Mangione had confirmed the accusations to the victim’s son. “He asked me if I could organize the murder of his father – he said -, it had become a nuisance for him because he went around harassing women in the village. He gave me 5 thousand euros which we shared with Roberto Lampasona and Angelo D’Antona, another 1,300 euros paid them separately for the gun I bought from a palmese “. According to Mangione’s account, the murder was actually committed by Lampasona and D’Antona. The collaborator added: “I asked the authorization of Francesco Fragapane (convicted of being the new head of the district) who told me that the victim did not belong to the Cosa Nostra and, ultimately, we could do what we wanted”.

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