Retaking high school exam in Spadafora, but no change in grade for girl appealing.

Different commissions, but the same vote. The student from the Galileo high school in Spadafora (Messina) received the same evaluation after her appeal led to the repeat of the matriculation oral exam for her entire class. The decisions of the two different exam commissions overlapped: the student passed the exam with the same grade as the first time. The stress for the students of fifth grade seemed like a movie, but it was far from it. The Ministry of Education had already carried out verifications and dealt with the issue, but the final outcome did not change for the student who filed a complaint. The family’s lawyer argued that the unexpected change in the starting topic of the oral exam caused emotional distress for the student, affecting her performance and final grade. The lawyer also denied claims that the student had a mediocre record and highlighted the delays in the repeat exams due to the appeal by other students. A spokesperson for the class thanked the commission for putting them at ease and emphasized that they were all treated equally.

Ripetuto l’esame di maturità a Spadafora, ma non cambia il voto per la ragazza del ricorso

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