Resumption of migrant landings in Lampedusa: Four within a few hours.

Between yesterday evening and night, 147 migrants arrived in Lampedusa after being rescued from 4 boats by the coast guard and finance guard. The boats, which set off from Zuara and Tripoli in Libya, contained between 8 to 50 people, including Libyans, Bengalis, Egyptians, Syrians, and Eritreans. The influx of migrants to the island seems to have resumed fully, with the arrival yesterday morning of 59 Tunisians and 14 Tunisian women and children. The different groups have been taken to the Imbriacola hotspot, which was completely empty yesterday morning but now hosts 220 migrants. 150 of these migrants will depart the Lampedusa hotspot in the morning and will be accompanied by the police to the island’s port, where they will board a ferry to Porto Empedocle. This transfer has been arranged by the Agrigento Prefecture.

Ripresi gli sbarchi di migranti a Lampedusa, quattro in poche ore

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