Restoration of San Leone public toilets, satisfaction of the II Council Commission

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The II Permanent Council Commission, chaired by the President Fabio La Felice, and composed of the Vice President Nicolò Hamel and the municipal councilors Flavia Maria Contino and Valentina Cirino, expresses satisfaction for the restoration of the public toilets of the area of ​​the San Leone marina announced by the Mayor of Agrigento Franco Miccichè. The issue of the renovation of city toilets has been repeatedly included in the Commission’s agenda and has been questioned by the same Commission against the competent Councilor Costanza Scinta who had represented the full availability of the Administration .

The Commission hopes that what will affect the seaside village of San Leone will be only the first of the useful interventions necessary to restore the full functionality of the public baths existing in the various city areas to citizens and tourists.