Restoration, no more asbestos at Fondo Saccà: green light for demolitions

Drafting 27 September 2021 13:50

Share At Fondo Saccà the reclamation and demolition of the slum continues at a good pace in compliance with the time schedule. Completion of the asbestos disposal phase from long uninhabited artifacts and green light for bulldozers to permanently erase the shame of the shacks. To make the point is the Councilor for Restoration Salvatore Mondello who carried out an inspection this morning. “It is evident that the recovery procedures, beyond the declarations, the theory and the research of merits, are made up of a mass of fulfilments, of a continuous, silent and complex work. As I have always said, having concrete knowledge of all the work done, makes me very proud of the role that I have been assigned, which is strictly connected to the development of the territory. The next step concerns the start of the demolition site works in the Annunziata Alta area and to follow all the others already included in the planning for tenders. The virtuous design for the development of the city, conceived by the De Luca administration, starting from the settlement goes on; soon the ugliness that has oppressed and degraded Messina for decades will be erased, returning – concludes Councilor Mondello – a dimension of normality and decorum, for the benefit of the whole community “.

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