Resources for the former Regional Province of Syracuse, the M5S: “no blocking of national resources”

There is no block of resources allocated by the central government for the benefit of the former Sicilian provinces“. The parliamentarian Paolo Ficara (M5s) intervenes after a note from the CISL in which the blockade is feared. “I appreciate the work and the proactive spirit of the union, but in the face of such important issues we must try to be as precise and accurate in communications, otherwise there is the risk of conveying incorrect or unverified information. And the workers don’t even deserve this confusion. “

The national parliamentarian of the M5S makes it known how in Rome, the Ministry of Economy has started a working table to inaugurate a new phase, beyond the instability, in the life of the Syracusan institution which can now also count on the assistance of ‘Upi (Union of Italian Provinces).

In Budget Law – explains Ficara – Additional resources were allocated to align the weight of the forced withdrawal with that of the other Italian provinces. In addition, various road maintenance sites have been started up with funds from MIT. Of blocked appropriations, no news at the moment. We are always available for more information and possible meetings“.

Further good news comes from Palermo: in Ars, thanks also to the intervention of Stefano Sito (M5s), the funding for the thirteenth was re-established, after the budget change had been challenged. The pentastellato deputy had also tried to restore the 112 million paid to the provinces until a few years ago (today they are 101 million, ed). “The Musumeci government did not want to give cover – says Zito -. I’ll try again in the first budget adjustment“. Another agenda was also approved, co-signed by Giorgio Pasqua (M5s), for the activation of 2 technical round tables on the former Provinces. “A table with UPI and ANCI to deepen the economic status of the entities in Sicily, while the other table will be on their reorganization”, Concludes Zito again.