“Resources for institutions in structural deficit in the Maneuver”

In recent days 250 Sicilian mayors have said they are ready to resign due to the impossibility of approving the budgets. An extreme gesture to solicit the intervention of the national government which for months the Anci has been asking for concrete measures to help local authorities. And today reassurances arrive from Rome. “I know very well the problem of Sicilian municipalities, which I have always followed over the years, and I believe that next week we can definitively close the circle. We have carried out all the necessary interlocutors to arrive at a solution that allows them to close their budgets. of 2021 and to solve the problems that see them going through a phase of financial tension that has its roots before Covid “, says the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Laura Castelli.

The councilor for local autonomies, Marco Zambuto, had also sided in favor of the mayors. The exponent of the Musumeci government had clarified that any mass resignations “would in no way be manageable through the ordinary procedures of the commissioner. Faced with the level of difficulty reported by the first citizens of the island, the Region itself, with a possible sending of commissioners, would not be able to tackle the problem of non-approval of the financial statements and would be forced to take note of the ineffectiveness of the current regulatory framework and the insufficiency of equalization mechanisms to support territories with low fiscal capacity “. “As a Government, in respect of the prerogatives of each, where necessary, we are evaluating – adds Castelli – also the use of the allocation of additional resources, precisely to prevent the citizens from being penalized. Already in the Maneuver we have ensured additional resources for the municipalities of Sicily in structural deficit ”.

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