Resistance to a public official, from Agrigento sentenced to 8 months

The single judge of the Court of Agrigento, Sabrina Bazzano, ordered the sentence of eight months of imprisonment against SV, 31, from Agrigento, for the crime of resisting a public official. The story dates back to January 2019 when, near a local, two agents of the Flying section tried to identify the man.

The latter, according to what has been reconstructed, would have refused to give general information by answering the two policemen: “The uniform does not allow you to be able to put people inside your car of m … If you piss me off, I’ll break down the car as I already did with that of the carabinieri”. The accused, defended by the lawyers Daniele Re and Agnesa Neculai, was sentenced to eight months in prison.

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