Reservation of anti covid vaccines: from today also through the 44 Postamat ATMs in Syracuse

The ATMs of Poste Italiane are also available for the anti Covid vaccination campaign in Sicily. The 44 Postamat ATMs of Syracuse and its province will from today be at the service of citizens who fall within the targets identified for the inoculation of doses – citizens over 80 and teachers under 55 – in order to verify and select the place and date of the appointment with the vaccine.

The capillary network of Atm Postamat is thus added to the task force of Sicilian postmen who have been supporting citizens with their PDAs, supplied for the delivery service, making reservations based on the slots available since yesterday. The channels provided by Poste Italiane to access reservations therefore become four; because in addition to postmen and ATMs, since 8 February the first 100,000 citizens over 80 on the island have been able to book their appointment at one of the vaccination centers through the platform created by Poste Italiane at www.prenotazioni.vaccinicovid, gov .it and the toll-free number 800.009.966.

Booking the vaccine from Postamat is simple and intuitive. In fact, just select the appropriate item on the display and then insert your health card in the reader. The system will ask for the postal code of the residential address and the mobile number. Once the verification screen with the data summary has been confirmed, you can scroll through the list of appointment slots available by proximity in the area, indicating the place and date, and click on the “book” button. At the same time, an SMS with a numeric code will be sent to the associated mobile phone number to be typed into the ATM keypad to finalize the operation. At the end, the citizen will receive a further confirmation text message with a code that must be provided on the day of the vaccine together with the health card and an identity document. All information will be on a paper memo bearing a QR code and printed by the ATM.

Poste Italiane continues to play a central role in the management of the Covid-19 emergency. Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, the Company has continued to guarantee services to all citizens by adopting all the security measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus at post offices. In fact, in the Sicilian venues, access is allowed only with a protective mask and contingent on the size of the room to the public. The maintenance of interpersonal distance is also guaranteed thanks to the installation of special horizontal signs to indicate how to behave during access and transit in the premises, and by the installation of protective plexiglass barriers. In the post offices of Syracuse, 47 thermoscanners have been installed to measure body temperature and, more generally, all the offices are in compliance with all the safety provisions envisaged by the regulations issued on the subject.

The Company specifies that the channels made available for booking in Sicily are currently aimed exclusively at the over 80s and teachers under 55. Soon this latter target will be extended to the range of teachers up to 65 years of age. Booking times and methods for further targets will be disseminated through official communications.

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