Reopenings and unknowns. The mayor of Agrigento: “Open yes but with caution”

There is excitement on the theme of “reopening”. The national government thinks it can change something next month of May, listening to the requests of Fipe Confcommercio, thus allowing you to work in the evening with reservations required, favoring outdoor spaces and for those who do not have them allow entry to a limited number at a time, depending on the characteristics of the premises. Definitely a step forward. Restaurants, pizzerias, gyms: these and others are the activities that have suffered considerable economic damage due to the covid and the rules that have resulted from it. 14 months of “alternate” closures or openings have brought the economy to its knees, after more than a year there are several families who have to cope with daily living with a few hundred euros a month. Many hypotheses and possible dates but a lot will be decided by the numbers of infections next week. There are also those who push for an anticipation of the return to the yellow zone before May, already from the last week of April, from Monday 26 April. Movements could be allowed between “yellow” regions and with a “pass” between regions of different colors. To reiterate the importance of respecting health regulations is the mayor of Agrigento, Franco Miccicchè who says he agrees with the reopening “but with due precautions”. No physical contact sports but there seems to be the ok for gyms, always with precautions and precautions and yes also to the openings of cinemas, theaters and live shows. “The will of the whole government goes in the direction of verifying the contagion data week by week – said Minister Speranza – and building a method that allows a series of activities to be restarted but without running risks and to leave again safely. “

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