Reopening of Città dei Ragazzi in Palermo brings back memories and excitement: “I used to come here with my parents…”

The first day of reopening of the City of Children is filled with memories and excitement. Hundreds of families lined up before the gates opened to pay for tickets and enjoy the beauty of the park. Adults felt nostalgic and curious to revisit a place that had been closed off from the city for too long. Thanks to a partnership between the municipal administration and the foundation “Le vie dei tesori,” all activities within the garden are now managed by the foundation. There is a sense of nostalgia in the air as parents observe their children playing, reminiscing about their own childhood visits to the park. Though there are still some details to be sorted out and areas that are not yet accessible, everyone is confident that everything will fall into place. The park is an important space that has been reclaimed for children in a city that currently offers very little for them. Various activities are planned, such as puppet shows, drawing workshops, and boat rides, bringing back the spirit of the old City of Children. The reopening is welcomed by parents who hope it will endure and remain open throughout the year, better managed and with more services. The enthusiastic efforts of Laura Anello and her team from the foundation “Le vie dei tesori” have brought joy to the city. Despite some waiting times for the boat ride, there are many workshops, activities, and experiences that are highly appreciated. It is a place of beauty and memories, where people fondly remember visiting as children. The train ride will also be available soon, as construction for the railway begins in two weeks. Overall, the reopening of the City of Children is a cause for celebration and offers a much-needed space for children in the city.

La riapertura della Città dei Ragazzi a Palermo, primo giorno tra ricordi ed entusiasmo: «Venivo qui coi miei genitori…»

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