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If the process for the realization of the new hospital of Syracuse it seems to have undergone a significant acceleration, the same thing, unfortunately, cannot be said for the new cemetery, the project of which, however, has remained at stake for at least a decade.

Michele Mangiafico

To turn the spotlight on the subject is theformer vice president of the city council, Michele Mangiafico, recalling that the area was identified already in the early 2000s, in contrada Serramendola.

The finance project, as he writes today Mangiafico, was entrusted in 2012, byVisentin administration, to a consortium of companies and, in 2016, the work obtained the VAS.

Then, however, on the new cemetery of Syracuse, the curtain seems to have fallen and, “for several years, in Single Programming Document attached to the budget of the municipal administration ”- he explains Michele Mangiafico – “the same sentence is always repeated: ‘the contract for the realization of the new cemetery of Syracuse ‘“.

Yet, considering the heavy structural problems of the municipal cemetery and the lack of places, which forces Syracusans to “emigrate” to neighboring municipalities, it should be a priority work.

The project, as claimed by the former vice president of the City Council, “will allow citizens to have 18,000 new niches and 3,000 in the first year alone, an area for cremation, an area for the faithful of cults other than the Catholic religion and ”- he concludes -“ a cemetery area for pets ”.

(cover photo: an overview from the top of the municipal cemetery of Syracuse)

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