Religion teacher of Caccamo accused of sexual violence in Piacenza: the ministry is quoted

He would have sent messages and hard videos to the smartphones of some of his pupils, while in other cases there would have been meetings in person, outside school hours. In recent days, the preliminary hearing was held for the Palermo religion professor accused of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault aggravated by being a minor, stalking and harassment for a total of 14 charges against eleven students of a high school in the city ​​where he taught.

During the hearing before the investigating judge Sonia Caravelli – writes the website – four of these filed a civil action with the lawyers Monica Capurri and Marco Guidotti and Pasquale Angelini. Three civil parties have requested and obtained the citation of the civilly liable party which in this case is the Ministry of Education and Merit. The civilly responsible person intervenes in court as indirect liability, to answer for the civil consequences of the fact committed by the defendant in the event of a conviction and therefore to compensate for the damage. Seven young people were present in the courtroom (out of 11 considered offended parties).

The 31-year-old professor – currently still under investigation – is defended by the lawyer Francesco Gueli and is subject to the measure of the obligation to sign (previously he was under house arrest). The man was immediately suspended from the school where he served. The story dates back to 2021, when the victims of the alleged harassment reported the teacher’s attitudes to the school, from there the complaint to the local police and the investigations by the prosecutor coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Antonio Colonna: the young people were interviewed and the printouts were acquired as well as the material contained in the phones of the alleged victims about the messaging apps used by the professor to contact them. Subsequently, the teacher was reached by the precautionary custody order

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