Registration for the basic digital photography course with Nikon teacher is open in Palermo

Everyone has happened to come home from a trip and to feel disappointment at the photographs taken. For all photography enthusiasts and curious, Monday 10 May, from Bartolo Chichi (via Sciuti 54, Palermo), begins on basic digital photography course (also online) with Nikon School teacher.

The main objective is to learn how to best use your camera and obtain effective photographs even starting from scratch through practical exercises especially outdoors (at least 5 during the course), theory of the technical basis and verification of the results obtained with the help from the teacher.

After a couple of lessons, each student will be given handouts with little secrets of photography and a CD with the secrets of digital post-production. Minimum equipment required: an SLR or compact digital camera with priority of time (S or Tv), aperture (A or Av) and Manual (M).

For info on the program and registration write to or call the number 335 7772735.

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