Region’s intervention on 13 watercourses in Stromboli

The River Basin Authority of the Presidency of the Sicilian Region has identified project guidelines aimed at implementing interventions on 13 watercourses, totaling around 15 million euros, with the goal of reducing the risk of flooding on the island of Stromboli. The interventions were defined in preliminary “Project Guidance Documents” (DIP) prior to the executive design phase, to be carried out by the mayor of Lipari, the municipality in which the island’s territory falls, as the delegated commissioner appointed by the national Civil Protection. The ordinance was issued following the state of emergency declared after the August 12, 2022 flood that had hit the territory of Stromboli, made vulnerable by the preceding months’ fires. The exceptional weather events caused the watercourses to transport significant amounts of sand, gravel, and rocks downstream, no longer held back by the vegetation destroyed by the fires. The watercourses, sometimes improperly used as roads or with narrowed riverbeds, were identified after numerous surveys in Stromboli by the River Basin Authority’s technicians who have defined criteria, methods, and deadlines for carrying out urgent hydraulic works. The project guidelines prepared by the River Basin Authority provide that the interventions, in support of the commissioner’s activities, combine the renaturalization of the watercourses with their hydraulic efficiency, taking into account the context in which they are located. The photo shows one of the areas identified for the interventions.

A Stromboli interventi della Regione su 13 corsi d’acqua

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