Regional maneuver, contribution festival: funding for event celebrating Catania as Sicily’s capital.

The traditional derby between Palermo and Catania also came to life at the Regional Assembly of Sicily during the long night that led the Budget Commission to approve a landslide of 364 new amendments that expand spending. The amendments also provide funding for the extension of old Irfis rankings; the institute will now be able to pay the entrepreneurs who participated in the old tenders, while the reason for the non-allocation of funds for the media remains a mystery. The amendment that sparked the most discussion is the one that stirred up the derby between Palermo and Catania. This happened when the deputies from Catania presented a regulation that allocates 80,000 euros in favor of the Fare Musica association, sparking controversy among the Palermo deputies. The heated discussion arose when it was discovered that the 80,000 euros would be used for the Regno di Sicilia-Catania Capitale festival. This festival, named after Federico III, a descendant of the well-known Federico II, who chose Catania as the seat of his reign of the Kingdom of Sicily. The Palermo deputies, in a show of sportsmanship, also approved the amendment to celebrate Catania as the capital.

Manovra regionale, festival dei contributi a pioggia: finanziata anche una manifestazione che celebra Catania capitale della Sicilia

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