Regional in Sicily, Schifani stops the allies: for now, think about the vote, we will talk about councilors later

He knows of the challenge that already animates the big names of each party that supports him, he feels the pressure of the allies to define roles and weight in the possible future government. And so Renato Schifani sends a warning to sailors: first think of the electoral campaign, only then will we discuss councils. The center-right candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region is working to mend the coalition in the post-Musumeci period. And to do this he indicates the road map between now and 25 September, the day of the polls. “I trust that the Sicilians will give the center-right a majority to guarantee government stability without having to seek the votes in the regional assembly from time to time,” said Schifani. Phrases that must be read in the double key of postponing to after the vote any issue that could create divisions and to concentrate to keep the electorate compact and avoid the trap of separate voting.

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