Regional: Cuffaro, ok Udc in the DC list but we have rules

“The DC is currently involved in defining its own lists in the 9 Sicilian provinces, with the presence of many young people and women strong in their passions and their political formation. We will present ourselves everywhere with the our symbol, nominating ‘new’ people who share and defend the values ​​of the party and, we reiterate, will not be present in our lists of deputies and former deputies “. This was stated by the regional commissioner of the New DC, Totò Cuffaro.

“In all the provinces there are many willing to serve for the love of the party and in many cases we are forced to make choices; we have strong and competitive lists and we are aware of well over 5% – he adds – If the UDC as it seems he will not present lists, we have reflected and we have come to the consideration that for us it is an opportunity that we cannot miss due to the growth of the DC and moderates. There are rules that they will have to share and which cannot be ignored to be part of our lists. We are happy to open the doors to people who have our same ideals and who share our same values. We believe – continues Cuffaro – that it should be the beginning of an important reasoning that will allow us to keep the name of the Christian Democrats is high and we hope that from here begins a path that will lead to the end of the dispute over the symbol of the scudocrociato “.

“We are convinced that today’s commitment to be on the same list as the DC is a good omen for the future and that we can soon reunite the symbol of the Crusader Shield with the inscription Libertas with the name of the Christian Democrats – he concludes – The message what we want to give to the voters is what we want to build a moderate center that prefers reasoned and justice politics and not partisan and justicialist politics.

We will speak to people’s hearts “. (ANSA).

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