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Regional 2022, unexpected no to the primary, Civic Left bursts into the debate “Not available at this setting”

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No to the coalition primaries in the center-left to choose the candidate for the presidency of the region.
When the road seemed marked it rains the surprise.
The left of the alliance, which the primary has always asked for Palermo, now that the candidate for the capital is suddenly there is against the gazebos for the region.

The post of the commissioner Giusto Catania

To say the opposite is the municipal councilor of Palermo as well as an exponent of the Civic Left, Giusto Catania for whom it is “A surreal debate, that of these days”.

Catania explains its surprising position

“In the middle of the electoral campaign for the city of Palermo and with the fragmented right, the political forces of the progressive camp, in an absolutely illogical way, start a discussion on the primaries to choose the candidate for the presidency of the Region.
For too long, the lack of interest in the future of Palermo, which seemed to be exclusively the object of bartering with the regional assets, has been evident.
Thanks also to the determination and commitment of the Ecological Civic Left, it was possible, albeit with difficulty and unbearable slowness, to define a coalition and a unitary candidacy.
Today the future of the fifth city of Italy risks being declassified as a mere formal fulfillment in view of the regional elections “.

The direct attack on Pd and 5 stars “enough with this pantomime”

“We are not willing to accept this approach, also because without a victory in Palermo it will be difficult for the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement to appear credible in the eyes of Sicilian voters.
Enough with this pantomime now! “

For Catania there is a risk of damaging the electoral campaign in Palermo

“In Palermo there are the conditions to win the elections and govern the city with consistency and with a shared vision”, Giusto Catania always maintains, who then launches his invitation “I invite the regional leaders of Pd and Movimento 5 Stelle to put aside this debate on the primaries regional at least until 12 June.
It almost seems that the future of Palermo is only of interest to us …