Region, return of the amended and lighter bill, more funding for tourism

After a long negotiation, the amended correction package returns, but lightened, which seemed to have foundered in the afternoon with the idea of creating three funds. The agreement in the majority predicts the maintenance of the first articles of the amended correction on the chapters of social policies and infrastructures with some variation but with the amounts provided for Municipalities and foundations and the merging of the rules for tourism into a special fund with the list of Municipalities attached (already provided for in the maxi) but without the amounts, then the Tourism department will manage it. Upon returning to the chamber, the president of ARS Gaetano Galvagno, after reporting the decisions taken in the group leaders, updated the parliamentary session to tomorrow at 11. Meanwhile, the Budget offices will rebalance the amended correction based on the decisions taken in the group leaders.

Regione, ritorna il maxi-emendamento ma alleggerito, più fondo al turismo

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