Region of Sicily allocates 41 million for overtime of officials

A rain of millions is coming for regional government officials. The government has signed a decree allowing for the quick allocation of around 41 million euros for overtime and extra allowances for the 10,436 officials. The Department of Public Administration, led by Andrea Messina, has allocated the same budget as last year. This is the Ford fund, intended for extraordinary work carried out in 2023 by non-executive employees. An agreement between the Agency for Public Sector Collective Bargaining and the trade unions is required to distribute these funds to each office. Once this agreement is signed, the funds will be disbursed by the end of the year. The Agency would like to use this mandatory discussion to restart negotiations on contract renewal, which have been stalled for over a year due to the inability to simultaneously proceed with the reclassification that would allow lower-level personnel (categories A and B) to move towards higher paid positions. The government’s intention, and therefore the Agency’s, is to reach a renewal agreement that has already taken place in all other Italian regions and for which around 50 million euros have been available for some time, guaranteeing increases of a few hundred euros and one-off back pay ranging from one to two thousand euros depending on the category. Despite this, the response from the main trade unions is cold, and it is possible that the resumption of negotiations may instead lead to a phase of conflict. The Uil union has asked for the President to intervene to resolve this situation, while the Cisl union believes the conditions for discussing a new contract are not yet in place.

Regione Siciliana, 41 milioni per gli straordinari dei funzionari

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