Region appoints Teresa Burgio as extraordinary commissioner of Campobello di Licata.

The Sicilian Region has appointed the current municipal secretary of Naro, Teresa Burgio, as the extraordinary commissioner of the Municipality of Campobello di Licata, in Agrigento, to govern the municipality until the next regular electoral term in the spring. The appointment was made following a communication from the Prefecture of Agrigento on August 21, in which the sentence of the Administrative Justice Council that annulled the elections of June 14, 2022, declaring mayor Antonio Pitruzzella and the proclaimed city councilors as expired, was transmitted. “We have promptly appointed the extraordinary commissioner to ensure the regularity and administrative continuity in Campobello di Licata,” says Councilor Messina. Teresa Burgio is a competent professional who will ensure the management of the municipality during this year, assuming full powers as mayor, council, and councilors.

La Regione nomina Teresa Burgio commissario straordinario di Campobello di Licata

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