Region 3.2 million for new apprenticeship announcement: the focus is on integration between training and work

Editorial staff 28 September 2021 16:35

Share Published the new call for first-level apprenticeship, promoted by the Department of Education and Vocational Training of the Sicilian Region, with a budget of 3.2 million euros. The notice pushes training and work on the track, in synergy with local businesses. “We try to make the connection between the training offer and the needs of the local production system more and more solid – explains the commissioner Roberto Lagalla – guaranteeing real employment opportunities for young people in compulsory education. The positive results collected in the last two years allow us to aim for objectives. even higher, by investing in professional qualification paths and in raising the level of competitiveness of young people. We cannot think of investing in the future of this region, without investing in the generations of Sicilians who will contribute to increasing the economic induced of this land, both through their entrepreneurial initiative and thanks to their professionalism “. Through the first level apprenticeship, young people between the ages of 15 and 25 will be able to identify the professional and training path that best suits their needs and aimed at obtaining a professional qualification, a secondary school diploma or a professional diploma. Vocational training institutions, high schools or state and equal professional institutes will therefore be able to apply to participate in the formation of the new Catalog of the training offer in apprenticeship. Through the “apprenticeship voucher”, the training institutions will be able to receive an economic contribution, of a maximum value of about 5 thousand euros per student, useful both for supporting the costs of transport, food and accommodation for students and for external training services, training tutoring and accompaniment to work. These include the scouting and matching of employment opportunities, preparatory to the activation of the apprenticeship contract, the activities of coaching the apprentice and everything related to educational activities. The apprentice will also be accompanied by a training tutor, appointed by the training institution, and by a company tutor appointed by the employer, who will be paid a financial contribution up to a maximum of 3,000 euros.

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