Refuse, Carlisi: “under elections, the number of operators is expected to increase. Coincidence?"


"Without motivation or training of citizens, staff and, first of all, of the administration, separate collection cannot work", so there was the director of the 5 Star Movement, Marcella Carlisi.

"Recall that a lot of money was spent on training in Agrigento with concerts in San Leone, rather than making something more useful, such as an efficient courtesy service to turn to for answers. To date, nothing valid has been done in the field of training, despite being one of the voices of the new and paid contract.You cannot think that citizens feel motivated by the infinite promises and proclamations never respected, continues Carlisi , paying a lot and living not only in the dirt but also in the fear of taking fines for breaking rules that do not even know each other.What do citizens actually know about how separate waste separation works? What don't they know? The regulation had already existed for 2 and a half years and instead the service is based on word of mouth in the hairdresser or the butcher. We are in the absence of precise rules, evident and indisputable because written and within everyone's reach, they certainly cannot be those indicated in some posts on social networks! Communication via whatsapp, via operators who decide on their own and leave no indications, via anyone who believes they are entitled to speak, generates more confusion than anything else. Fake news has been created recently for social posts or newspaper headlines that have toured the city, subsequently discovering that there was no mention of the municipality of Agrigento: surely it is not nice that many stop at the first words or do not go beyond the title but it is also true that there are no reliable sources, legally recognized and in public evidence.After having said plague and horns of a staff dismissed because "more" not even a year after the establishment of this administration, in 2016, only now , Under elections, do you think to increase the number? What could be natural to think about this "coincidence" and the story of mechanized sweeping? When the citizens see the vehicles pass in the center of the clean road while the dirt remains next to the sidewalks .. what do they think? Mechanized sweeping with appropriate times and methods could also work in Agrigento, indeed it would be correct to write that with adequate administrators everything could work in Agrigento, even mechanized sweeping ", concluded the pentastellate councilor.

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