redevelopment works with EU funds are underway

Twenty-five years after its inauguration, the Pala Catania in Corso Indipendenza, is preparing to be reborn to a new life, thanks to the redevelopment works that will make it fully usable, eliminating the many dysfunctions, especially due to the infiltration of rainwater that have damaged the ‘plant.

The mayor Salvo Pogliese and the councilor for Sport and community policies Sergio Parisi went to the construction site of the large city sports hall, subjected to major restoration and redevelopment works with the withdrawal of 1.2 million euros from the Pon Metro community resources, project choice for the enhancement and social use of the structure, which can hold almost 4 thousand spectators. An intervention wanted by the mayor Pogliese and by the councilor Parisi who followed a strict executive time schedule of bureaucratic simplification, which allowed the project to open just four months before the approval of the project.

“The Pala Catania – said the mayor Pogliese – for the level of events it hosted, from the Universiade to matches of the national volleyball team and many other events, is one of the symbols of sporting Catania that ran the serious risk of remaining unused and that instead we want to make it more and more multipurpose, by including large events such as concerts, some of which have already taken place with great success with the public and organization, but also many social events, through agreements with voluntary associations and parishes of the neighborhood. In addition, of course, to bringing the Catania sports clubs that have most followed back home, starting with Meta Catania for 5-a-side football and volleyball, which involve thousands of fans of these sports and all the others “.

“This is – added the mayor – a further step forward in the redevelopment program of sports facilities agreed in recent months with the councilor Parisi and the whole council, which we are pursuing with determination together with the city council, giving breath to the world of sports clubs that also perform a great social function. “The works in the Pala Catania, started a month ago, will be completed by the end of next summer, concern the reconstruction of the roof with restoration of the existing sheath and installation of a waterproofing system; the replacement of the flooring; the maintenance of the parquet in the playing area; the replacement of the false ceilings and the safety of the system; the overhaul of the water / fire prevention system of the general lighting system with the replacement of LED lighting bodies and construction of an emergency and safety electrical system.

“Today is an important day for the city of Catania – said the commissioner Parisi – because the construction site of Pala Catania gives hope and perspective to the world of Catania sport which has seen itself deprived of its main indoor facility. In a few months we have identified the funds, carried out the project, competed with the electronic market and started the work: record times, which rarely occur in public administrations. For this, I first of all thank the mayor Pogliese who gave the inputs for this vast recovery plan for sports facilities, the director of sport and community policies Fabio Finocchiaro, who develops a fundamental synergy between the two municipal departments, solving structural problems that arise. have been dragging on for years without a solution and that in these two and a half years we have buffered in every way, in order not to block the activity of sports clubs that operate indoors and in outdoor fields, which we are redeveloping together with the Nesima pool and many other municipal structures “

The president of the sports council commission Giovanni Grasso, the municipal councilor Santo Russo, the president of the V Municipio Angelo Patanè with the district councilors Giovanni Trova, Gaspare Drago and Salvatore Anastasi, the delegate also participated in the inspection of the mayor Pogliese and the councilor Parisi of Coni Catania Enzo Falzone, the presidents of Meta Catania five-a-side football and of Volleyball Saturnia, Enrico Musumeci and Luigi Pulvirenti, as well as technicians, managers and municipal officials.

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