Red Cross, new premises in Catania. Musumeci: “Sicily an example of solidarity and self-denial”

CATANIA – The president of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci and the president of the Catania Committee, Stefano Principato, the new premises of the Red Cross of Catania.

Also present were representatives of the Etna administration and several mayors of the province, the Prefect Librizzi, the head of the Cocina regional civil protection and the Commissioner for the Covid emergency in Catania, Pino Liberti.

“I am convinced that, never as in this moment, Sicily is an example for all of solidarity is self-denial, principles that the Red Cross volunteers interpret in their daily work, always with an outstretched hand towards those who feel last. Never, as in this terrible year of pandemic, have I met so many people ready and willing to offer free time and energy to those who suffer and in need. And the inauguration of this new operations center will give new and further impetus to your tireless work “, said Governor Musumeci in the week dedicated to Italian Red Cross.

Going back to talking about the difficult time the island and all of Italy went through, the president of the Region added: “One cannot remain helpless and inert in the face of a community that risks not getting up. We must react, accelerate, accept the challenge. I told General Figliuolo I told him that in a land that has a very high percentage of skepticism, unjustified, compared to vaccination with AstraZeneca there was no denying the vaccine to the fifties who want to do it “. In the light of these considerations, just in the past few hours the reservations to immunize even people aged 50 to 59.

“We won the game with a generous and understanding senior official. Not only. The other challenge won is to finally vaccinate all the inhabitants of the smaller islands. Today all the newspapers talk about this initiative and to those who disagree I say that we are not thinking about the wallet, which even in a land with a very high rate of poverty would be legitimate. We are thinking about securing the Right to health of the inhabitants of small islands where, often, there is not even a Medical Guard always open. In a ‘system’ that allows the doctor to refuse an assigned seat when it is uncomfortable, far away. It’s a disarming contradiction! How can this absurd principle be reconciled with the constitutional right to health? “, explains Musumeci.

On the restart of tourism and on the prospect of Covid-free territories in Sicily as soon as possible, the Governor concludes: “If the tourists, our operators, who have suffered so much from the economic effects of the pandemic, will be ready to welcome them “.

here are the video with statements from the Governor.

Source of images and videos: Sicilian Region

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