"Red Code" to Adrano Denounced violent companion

ADRANO – In the past few days, staff from the Adrano Commissariat had filed a report in the state of Freedom, for family abuse, of T.R. 43-year-old African citizen. The complaint was presented by the companion, a citizen of Moroccan nationality, who went to the Commissariat to represent the ill-treatment in the family put in place by the partner. During the denunciation the female declared that, for about two years, she had suffered maltreatment by her partner, specifying that the violence took the form of thrusts and locking of the wrists, without which, however, serious episodes of beatings had ever occurred, so much so that no medical treatment was ever required. He also reported that his daughter had a previous relationship with them and that her daughter was subjected to this kind of abuse, more than anything verbal. …

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